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The main scientific objective of this COST Action is to develop supramolecular systems that function in water and that can either monitor environmentally or biologically relevant species, control selectivity of reactions, or produce self-assembled organized structures.

Main Objectives

The ‘de novo’ design of receptors able to monitor biologically and environmentally relevant species in an aqueous environment with high selectivity and affinity.
The control of supramolecular reactivity in water by biomimetically inspired systems.
The production in water of self-assembled organized structures which are stimuli responsive and which can be used for programming functions in materials and devices.

Secondary Objectives

Focusing on high affinity/high sensitivity for a chosen analyte.
Investigating multiple, instead of isolated, non-covalent interactions that enhance binding affinity as well as selectivity.
Obtaining rationally designed synthetic building blocks that can selectively interact in water with a given substrate.
Developing chemical sensors for monitoring biologically and environmentally relevant species.
Designing scaffolds able to self-assemble to yield highly responsive functional materials.


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