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Our COST Action is nearing its end.
The final conference was held in February 2015.

The final publication of our Action takes the form of a web themed collection “Supramolecular Chemistry in Water
published in Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry (OBC):  Link

To learn more about the work undertaken during these last 4 years, we invite you to visit the page dedicated to the joint publications of the Action members:  Link


1st Scientific meeting (Frascati, IT)

Group picture Lisbon

2nd Scientific meeting (Caparica, PT)

Who we are

Welcome to the website of Supramolecular Chemistry in Water. This website should be regarded as an adjunct to those of the COST Organisation itself ( http://www.cost.eu/domains_actions/cmst/Actions/CM1005). If any discrepancy is found between this site and the official COST office web pages the latter should be deemed to take precedence.

This programme (supported by the COST Office through the auspices of the European Science Foundation) aims to promote cooperation to develop supramolecular systems that function in water and that can either monitor environmentally or biologically relevant species, control selectivity of reactions, or produce self-assembled  organized structures.

This CMST Action, CM1005, has been approved by CSO on 02/12/2010.

Entry into force:        17/01/2011
Start of Action:          31/03/2011
End of the Action      30/03/2015

On this website…

You can find a list of the primary and secondary objectives that we aim to achieve with the Action ‘Supramolecular Chemistry in Water’.
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In order to achieve these ojectives, 3 working groups were set up covering different aspects of supramolecular chemistry in water. This website provides information on the goals of the working groups, their progress.
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You can find a list of all the members of the Action and the participating countries. Both members of the Management Committee and other participants are given.
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You can find up-to-date information of past and upcoming events organised by the ‘Supramolecular Chemistry in Water’ Action, including training schools, workshops, short term scientific missions (STSMs) and other meetings.
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We provide a discussion forum where members can post questions and comments regarding the Action in general, the working groups or the events.
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A link page is provided, containing links to external websites related to official governing bodies of the Action, to supramolecular chemistry in water in general and to publications and articles produced by the Action.
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